Wednesday, 1 December 2010

How to draw a Muscle Car

Here is my first tutorial which will explain the basic perspective and drawing skills necessary to draw a Muscle Car.

Start of with a simple box for the body of the car, make sure that it looks good. If there is something wrong at this stage it will ruin the final appearance of your car. Draw it in light pencil so it can easily be rubbed out.Next fill in the centre line and start the basic detail on the front, continue using the same box you started with, now is a good time to change any incorrect perspective lines.Finish the basic detail and add the wheel arches.
Now fine tune the detail adding headlights grills and mirrors, I have also added indicator lights on the sides. You can now rub out the perspective box.Now to tune it. You could skip this step if you want the car to look stock.
This will definitely take the most amount of time so I will try and explain it in great detail.
First rub out most of the front so only very light pencil shows. Add a very deep grill into the side and a small skirt that comes out of the front. Above the skirt in the centre add a smaller grill and don't make it so deep. If you want you can add some little lights into the skirt.
Next draw a line along the hood that is to perspective and draw draw a simple scoop. Draw lines coming from that the the front window and add smaller diagonal RAM air inlets.
Follow the same instructions to draw the roof scoop.
draw a small skirt coming out of the side and cut a little opening in the front for some exhausts, at the back draw an inverted air inlet.
The spoiler is a very simple box drawn to perspective. Now the wheels, this is the ugly phase, it is very easy to make the car look very high even if it isn't. Draw some lines to perspective that are where you want the wheels to be (my front wheel line is NOT to perspective because I want the wheel to look like it is turned.) Then draw the wheel as an oval onto that line, add another oval around (or inside) to make it look like a tyre. From the outer oval draw a line into the car to make the tyre look 3d.
Draw the rim inside the wheel (another tutorial coming soon to explain how to do this) and a brake disk. Then fill all of the areas that you want to be black with a black marker, also go over the lines with a thin ball point pen. I have added an interior but you don't have to. This step will show you if you got the tyres right.
Finish the colouring of the car, date and sign it and you are finished. I have added an orange outline to pull the drawing out of the page.
This final step was done on GIMP which is a free image editing program, I increased the contrast, darkened it, added headlights and a simple motion blur to the wheels.
Please tell me what you think of this tutorial and if there is any cars you want to learn how to draw. Remember that you can double click any image to see it full size. Comments, suggestions and problems, just post them in the comments section below. follow my blog to know when new tutorials come out.

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